Bayley, originally from Melbourne, moved to Swan Hill for work 12 months ago prior to joining the Squad. He is an energetic and enthusiastic coach with a passion for racing, and his commitment to pushing his own body has seamlessly translated into coaching for others. With a background in various team sports, triathlons, and ultra running, the determination he applied in those events now fuels his commitment to providing each swimmer with the best coaching possible, helping them achieve their personal best.

When he’s not coaching, you’ll likely find him running down the streets, kayaking the river, or donning a wetsuit for open water laps across Lake Boga.


Ah Kwi Lan has been involved with the club now for multiple years, where she speant 2 years as head coach. Ah Kwi Lan and her family have been involved with our club for many years.
Ah Kwi Lan has a great love for swimming and loves seeing our swimmers improve. You can also find Ah Kwi Lan down at the pool swimming herself.


Silver Accreditation with Australia’s Swimming Coaching and Teaching Association.

Mention ‘swimming’ in the Swan Hill community, and you will most likely hear the name ‘Shirley Swan’.  Shirley was one of the founders of our swimming club in 1978 and is still very much involved in the club with a special love for coaching the swimmers.

While all swimmers have great respect for Shirley, she has a particular affinity with the younger swimmers helping them to develop their stroke techniques and foster their love of swimming.