Joining the Club

Any new swimmers looking at joining NTBSH must follow these steps.

1. INTRODUCTION & ASSESSMENT – All prospective members and their parent/guardian are to make contact with the Head Coach and organise a time to meet. They will be advised of a training session to attend where the Coach will assess the child’s swimming ability.

2. ALLOCATION OF TRAINING – After assessment by the Coach or Shirley, the Coach will outline which training sessions to attend. This may be squad sessions primarily aimed at fitness or those with more technique focus, and/or may include advice to attend Leisure Centre run Academy Swim Sessions. These Academy Sessions ARE NOT NTBSH squad sessions and you must enrol and pay for these separately with Belgravia Leisure.

3. MEMBERSHIP DETAILS – Swimmers and (at least one parent/guardian included on the form) will need to complete a “NTBSH Swimmer Application” form. The Coach will provide a hardcopy, or an electronic copy can be sent through. This must be fully completed and returned to the Secretary or Coach at the start of each season.

4. TEAM APP – The Coach and/or Registrar of Members will ensure all swimmer details are recorded correctly and an invite will be sent to the swimmer or parent/guardian if they are under 16 years old to install Team App. All Club day-to-day communication is carried out via Team App.

5. SWIM CENTRAL & PAYING CLUB MEMBERSHIP – All swimmers and at least one parent/guardian must become financial members of the NTBSH Swimming Club to attend training sessions and represent the Club at carnivals. New swimmers will need to register for a Swim Central account, which is the main website used to pay for Swimming Victoria registration and Club membership and also to enter any swimming carnival Australia wide.

Registration can be completed by visiting: Here

Help & how-to guides can be found at: Here

Please contact one of our staff for more information: Here