Mackillop College 2020

Age Champions were:

Male 13yr Age Champion – Harry Scott (X) 92pts

Female 13yr Age Champion – Amy Wishart (T) 84pts

Female 14yr Age Champion – Eliza Everett (T) 124pts

Male 15yr Age Champion – Nathan Louw (W) 128pts

Female 15yr Age Champion – Brehana Hodgson (S) 92pts

Female 16yr Age Champion – Alivia Andrews (X) 94pts

Male 17yr Age Champion – Hayden Everett (T) 120pts

 Female 18 – 20yr Age Champion – Sarah Rogers (S) 89pts

And the record breakers were:

Event: Male 50m 15yr freestyle

Old record: 2017 Nick Hodgson 28.47sec

New record: Nathan Louw 28.41sec


Event:Female 50m 14yr breastroke

Old record: 2008 Kahlia Marsh 43.23sec

New record: Eliza Everett 40.41sec

Club Championships 2020

Shepparton Carnivale 2019